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Having The Last Baby

So I've been thinking about this in quiet moments I have to myself, and asking myself how this is really sitting with me. I'm having my last baby. Ever. There will be no more pregnancy tests, birth preparations and bringing home a new member of the family after this one. It's the last time. And… Continue reading Having The Last Baby

Intentional Living

Taking Stock

Hey there! It's been a little while hasn't it? It seems that  I've lost my blog mojo. Actually I've just lost my 'get stuff done' mojo. I've been procrastinating and worrying and letting the fear of failing or looking silly take over a lot of my creative endeavours lately. So I've decided that today is… Continue reading Taking Stock

Intentional Living

One Guiding Word :: March & April Update

March was a busy little month that passed very quickly, with an earlier than usual Easter long weekend and our baby boy turning 1, I still can't believe how quickly his first year has passed. Then I found myself in a bit of funk after the school holidays. No motivation, unnecessarily comparing myself to others… Continue reading One Guiding Word :: March & April Update