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Who The Heck Is Fred and Pepper?

Something I am asked regularly is where does the name Fred and Pepper come from?
Well, today I thought I would share the story behind the name.

About 5 years ago the hubs decided he wanted to get some ducks. He’d been talking about it for a long time and I thought it was just one of those things that probably wouldn’t ever come to fruition. I think it was meant to be though because a relative of the hubs had 3 ducks he was trying to give away and they ended up coming to live with us.
We had 3 kids at the time, so they were each given a duck to name. We ended up with Paul, Charlotte and Max, until we realised Paul was actually a girl and was changed to Paula.
So that was when the hubs became a part time duck farmer. He loves his ducks, and he gets pretty excited come spring time when we have baby ducks hatching out. The kids love them too, baby ducks are pretty cute after all. I personally think ducks are a bit stinky and they get a bit aggressive when it’s baby duck season. Who wants to get attacked by a mother duck? Not me!

Anyway, fast forward a couple of years and the duck thing was getting a bit more serious when the hubs purchased a pair of ducks from a duck breeder a couple of hours away. He built them a new home, with a very luxurious nest and had the lovely couple delivered.
Now the hubs has loved the name Fred since forever, so the daddy duck was always going to be called Fred, but the mumma duck took a bit more thought to name. The kids eventually decided on Pepper because she was white with black speckles like pepper.
So Fred and Pepper lived in bliss together for a while, baby duck season rolled around and it became evident there was a slight problem with these star crossed lovers. There were no baby ducks. Fred was apparently a dud in the sack, so to speak.

So Fred went to live out his days as a bachelor at the farm with the farm ducks.
Pepper didn’t seem that worried about Fred’s absence, she moved on pretty quick with a younger man called Dexter.

Dexter was given to us by a local man who said his son had Dexter from a duckling as a pet for his daughter but once he was full grown he kind of went rogue and started chasing people! So he ended up at our house as the new number one daddy duck.
The next year there were lots of baby ducks, so Dexter  stayed on to take care of all the mama ducks.
Fast forward to now and there are about 20 ducks (I think?!) at our house, and we currently have 2 ducklings belonging to Pepper.

Unfortunately though, Pepper passed away from natural causes a couple of months ago. Luckily the hubs was able to put her eggs under one of the other mama ducks so they could hatch. Ducky the mama duck is currently raising Dusty Martin (AFL footballer here in Australia) and Stripe and they are growing up super fast.  The kids love to name the ducks as you can probably tell!
So there you have it, Fred and Pepper were a pair of ducks. But how did I come to name my blog and handmade business Fred and Pepper? The kids of course! I asked them for name suggestions and that’s what they came up with. I think it’s the perfect name to represent what I do, handmade goods for mamas and their little people and their nests 😉    

Well I hope you enjoyed that little tale, have a fabulous weekend!

Kelly xx


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