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January Projects


Hi there! I know it’s already getting to the tail end of February but I thought I would still post a “January Projects’ update to share some projects I’ve completed recently. It’s nothing too exciting, but it’s been a really great motivator for me to actually get some projects finished! I’m amazed I actually completed anything in January with all the kids on schoool holidays!

First up are my Oma Slippers (on Ravelry here) that I crocheted in the car on our way home from our little beach holiday over Christmas. The kids actually gave me the yarn and pattern in a kit for Christmas in 2015, and I thought it was about time I made them! It was a really simple pattern that worked up very quickly. I used 2 strands of Cascade Luna, a lovely soft cotton with an unusual texture. I’m planning on packing these in my hospital bag when it’s time to have this baby of ours, so I’ve got something lovely to put on after that first glorious shower post birth!



Next up I knitted the Simple Pixie Bonnet for new baby, (on Ravelry here) in gorgeous Malabrigo Worsted yarn. It’s a dark navy semi solid yarn, my absolute favourite wool to knit with. I can’t wait to see this on our new addition, it’s part of the ‘bringing the baby home’ outfit that I’m putting together over the next couple of months.


Now that was about it for yarn projects in January, but I did make 2 kids birthday cakes which are mini projects in themselves!

Our first born turned 11, I still cannot believe I will have a child in high school next year! She chose the Seashell Cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly More Kid’s Cakes recipe book which was nice and simple to make.


Our third born, who also happens to be our oldest boy, was 7 in January and came up with the idea of making a forest cake. Every year he chooses some kind of animal themed cake, usually horses or farm animals, so it was a nice change to have some different animals this year. He helped me design the cake and put it together which turned out to be a nice activity to do together.


So that was January in my creative world, hopefully I’ll have a bit more to show for February!

If you’re on Ravelry you can follow me here.

Kelly xx




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