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One Guiding Word 2017


Last post I shared my reflections on 2016 and how my word last year {clarity} played out for me. I ended the year emotionally tired and bit burnt out, and so when the word Nurture came onto my radar, I knew it was just what I needed this year – nurturing.

According to the dictionary, nurture means to care and protect something/someone while it’s growing. In relation to myself, I am planning to nurture myself physically and mentally while I grow my self confidence and emotional stamina again, so that I have the capacity to nurture my family.

This year to help me stay focused on my word and all the things that go along with that, I’ve turned my word into a statement goal that I can use like a mantra or affirmation throughout the year. I came across this idea in this post from Planning With Kids.


My intention is to use this goal as a guide for making decisions on what I have time for in my life, as last year I found myself over committing and lacking focus in most areas of my life. I’ve also set a few smaller goals and/or habits to introduce to help me achieve my main goal, these are:

Develop a daily gratitude/journalling practice

I live in my head sometimes and often get into a cycle of over thinking and procrastination but I don’t let it out until my brain cannot cope any longer! I know in the past when I’ve had a regular gratitude practise I’ve felt a lot more positive so this is my focus for January & February. I’m actually working my way through the Abundant Mama Online Course which focuses on gratitude and mindfulness in motherhood. I think this will give me a solid foundation to start the year from.

Make sleep a priority

It’s very tempting to stay up late when the house is quiet but unfortunately I’m not very friendly after a few late nights! The reality is that my day has to start at 6:30am at the latest on school days if I want to have any chance of an organised morning (and rest of the day) so I need to make sure I go to bed at a reasonable time.

Establish a regular exercise habit

I love doing yoga and going for a walk and the positve effects it has but I sometimes find it hard to fit in with the kids.  I’m wanting to make this a focus for a month or two and get into a good habit where I’m doing something on a regular basis, probably after baby arrives and is settled in.

Learning not to over commit myself

Being unrealistic with my available time for what I want to do each day and week has been a huge downfall for me. I have spent a fair amount of time already over the last couple of weeks working out how much time I have leftover to devote to my own personal projects after factoring in all the things I have to do to run the household and take care of the family. I’ve realised I can find time for myself, but in order to be productive and use this time to actually do the things I want to do, I have to take of my self care needs first so that I can focus.


By choosing just 4 areas to focus on, I’m hoping that achieving my goal of feeling nurtured and being able to nurture my family and home will be doable and not too much to focus on!

I also have some projects I’d like to work on and possibly complete this year, but I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself, as I’m sure our new addition is going to occupy a lot of my free time for a while!

Finish Emmett’s cowboy quilt

Finish my 2015 and 2016 annual family photo books.

Update the boys’ bedrooms with some handmade goodies.

This is now feeling like an epic post, so I’m going to leave it there and go and work on some dreamcatcher orders while the toddler is still asleep 😉

First I’ll leave you with some more links to some great resources I’ve found and used to help with choosing a guiding word and effective goal setting if you’re interested:

Planning With Kids – Setting one personal goal

Susannah Conway – Find your word

Deb Dane from Inner Compass Designs has a word of the year support group on Facebook that is full of friendly supportive women who are all using one word to make positive changes in their lives.

Kelly Exeter – Practical Perfection book, this is really great for learning to say no and be more productive with your time.


Do you use one little word to help you set goals?

Kelly xx


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