Buy Handmade ~ A Christmas Shopping Challenge


As you can tell, Christmas is still on my mind! After making some plans for my Etsy shop, I thought I should think about my usual Christmas planning. December is going to be really busy for me this year, as we will be away, we will be having an ‘early Christmas’ with some of my family, and with my in laws. I’m also planning to do a Christmas market, and we will probably have a couple of Christmas functions with friends and my hubby’s work. So to ease the December workload a little, I’m hoping to complete a lot of my shopping and other preparations over the next few weeks so I can actually enjoy the festive season come December!

It probably sounds like I’ve got a truckload of stuff to do and buy, but in reality I try to keep it as simple as possible.Apart from my 5 kiddos and the hubs and I, I buy presents for:

My mum

My mother and father in law

2 adults and 5 kids on my side, we have an adults and children’s draw each year

3 kids in my husband’s family, they also have a draw type system

School and daycare teachers

My bestie and her 3 kids

For me that’s manageable, and I generally try and make some of the gifts myself, which I love to do and it also cuts down on the cost. Win win.


Being a maker myself, I thought it would be a nice way to give back and support other makers locally and on Etsy. So for the gifts that I can’t make myself I’m going to try to find from independant makers like myself. Of course there will be some things that won’t be handmade but I’m aiming for at least two thirds of my gifts to be handmade and/or craft orientated.

I’ll share my finds here and on my Instagram and Facebook feeds as I gather them up, maybe it might help someone to find a perfect gift for someone special.

So if you know of any cool shops I should check out I’d love you to let me know in the comments! Are you buying handmade for Christmas too?

Till next time!

Kelly 🙂


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