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Preparing For Xmas On Etsy


You might have seen my post on Instagram or Facebook about there being only 12 weeks till Christmas a couple of days ago, it scared the bejesus out of me when I realised how close it was! I’m a bit of a planner and thought it was time I started getting organised. The kids finished school holidays last week and went back to school on Monday for the beginning of Term 4, which always goes extremely quickly! Aside from my own family and personal Christmas shopping etc, this will be my first Christmas season as an Etsy shop owner.

I’m loving my little shop on Etsy, it’s doing better than I could have hoped and even though I’m not making a huge amount of sales it’s enough to keep me busy along with local orders and sales I have outside of Etsy.

A couple of weeks ago I signed up to Etsy’s Christmas Bootcamp email course, and the first lesson came through this week. So I’ve been setting goals for Christmas, deciding which markets to attend and stock I need to make. It was a bit overwhelming at first but now that I have a plan I feel much more in control of the situation!


There’s a bit of a saying that 40 is the magic number when it comes to the amount of items you have in your store, and I’ve been hovering just above or below that number for the last couple of months. I have noticed that the more items I have in my shop, the more views and sales I seem to get, so my aim is to increase my stock items to 60 by mid November at the latest, in time for Christmas shopping. I’m also limiting the amount of custom orders leading up to December so I don’t get too stressed and I can guarantee people will get their orders on time.

I kind of got carried away yesterday making lists of new items to make but have to remind myself that I have 5 kids to look after and a house to run as well! Sometimes my head explodes with ideas and of course I just want to make everything now! I’ve restrained myself though and picked 2 new items to make this season and the rest will have to wait.


So for the rest of October I’m focusing on making Christmas themed hair accessories, a new range of dreamcatchers ready to ship (I’ve previously only made them to order but would like to have more ready made) and some new style necklaces. I’m also going to add some crochet bead necklace and bracelet sets and see how they go. I actually went through my market stock and realised I have quite a few things made that I just haven’t’ listed on Etsy so that’s a bonus. Then I’m planning on a big photography session toward the end of the month, photographing everything and editing and then a week of listing items.

I’m also working on a new product line that I’m hoping to have ready in time for Christmas shopping, it’s an idea inspired by my sister in law who’s having her third baby in February (I’m so excited!) which I’ll share soon!


My girls have also been asking to make and sell some things at the next local Farmer’s Market so I’m aiming for a local market in early November, and if all goes to plan the Christmas twilight market in Ganmain (a little town about half an hour away) in early December.

So that’s the plan, I’m even more excited for Christmas now after writing all of that down! So is anyone else Christmas crazy and planning for December now?

Bye for now!






6 thoughts on “Preparing For Xmas On Etsy

    1. Thankyou! It’s a bit like growing a plant that needs lots of water, some weeks mine doesn’t get much! It’s lots of fun though. I’m glad I’ve got you in a Christmassy mood 😉

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