The Kitchen’s In


Well August went by in a flash here with so much happening to our house, I’ve hardly had time for anything else these last few weeks.

In the first week of the month we had our laundry gutted, our old kitchen dismantled and a new one installed in it’s place. It was a bit crazy living with a makeshift kitchen for a few days but we managed just fine and are now enjoying the new kitchen.

It’s made daily cooking much more efficient with two ovens and there can be a few people in the kitchen doing different things at the same time without bumping into each other all the time!




You can see where the old kitchen cupboards were where the floorboards are raw. It was a little u shape kitchen which was fine for one cook, but a nightmare for five children and their parents at meal times!




I’m super happy with the splashback, I think it gives the kitchen some personality. They are Oslo tiles in Ash by Southern Cross Ceramics.  It wasn’t cheap but absolutely worth it. You’ve gotta have one splurge in a new kitchen right?!



There’s still a of work to do, painting and floor polishing, and pendant lights to go over the island bench. I cannot wait to get rid of that yellow paint!

I had ordered two glass pendants online but when they arrived but they were way too big and I had to send them back. So I just have to decide on a replacement for them and have them installed. Although there’s plenty of light with the led down lights, I think the pendants will finish it. That’s what I’m telling the husband anyway!

Well I better run, hopefully I can share a ‘ta da finished  the kitchen’ type post before Christmas!

Till next time!




2 thoughts on “The Kitchen’s In

    1. Thanks Maura! I’m really pleased with how it’s all coming together. I was unsure of having grey with the floorboards and the wall colour in our house but I love it so far.

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