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It’s probably an unusual time of year (winter here in oz) to be thinking of renovating and decorating, but lately my focus has shifted to our home. I’m really excited to be renovating our kitchen in a few weeks, and also our laundry. It’s been a long time coming but we are finally putting in a brand new kitchen! (We bought our house 10 years ago and have slowly been renovating it since then)  Originally we were going to go the diy route and put in an Ikea kitchen, but after getting a very reasonable quote from a local cabinet maker we have decided to get one made and installed professionally. We decided it was more stress than we were willing to put up with to do it ourselves, and I’m so glad now we don’t have to do any more than picking colours and ovens! It’s been a bit stressful just choosing a bench but I’ve finally settled on a colour scheme, splashback tiles, cupboard and benchtop colours. It won’t be anything fancy, but a practical and hard wearing kitchen with some personal touches.

I can’t wait! If all goes to plan, we’ll have a new kitchen in a few more weeks.

These are the tiles I’ve chosen for the backsplash feature wall in the kitchen, Oslo tiles in Ash by Southern Cross Ceramics

We’re also revamping the laundry which will be awesome. It’ll be a lot more functional and I can make it pretty too. I’m very fortunate that my little brother is a plumber and also tiles, so he’s doing the tiling in the laundry and plumbing in the new kitchen. We already had the tiles from when we renovated the main bathroom 4 years ago so we only had to buy glue and grout this time round. The tiles went down in the laundry this weekend, and he’ll be back in a week or so to finish off the grouting and splashback.


With all the renovating vibes in our house at the moment, I’ve been planning a bit of a redecorting  in the kids bedrooms as well. We moved the kids rooms aroung (again!) about a month ago and I decided it’s time to update their rooms.

So far the bedroom configurations are working well, (I plan on sharing more details about that in a future post) so I think theyll be staying that way for a good while. Well for a few months at least 😉

Now I just need to get some before and progress shots of the house so I can compare them with the end results!

Have you done a kitchen reno before? Any tips for me?

Kelly xx





2 thoughts on “Renovating

  1. We did ours 5 years ago, we knocked out a wall and built a new one from scratch. It was hard work and 2 weeks in I found out I was pregnant. Morning sickness was no fun with no way to make anything I could eat! I’d recommend back up cooking plans batch cook and freeze so you can microwave etc. That was the worst bit for me as it was ages before we could cook! Hopefully yours will be quicker than that. Good luck! I love your choice of tiles. 😊

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    1. Oh no! Morning sickness is the pits at the best of times! Thanks so much for the tips, batch cooking sounds like a great idea. At the least we’ll be without a kitchen for 2-3 days and it’s a bit cold to be bbqing outside! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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