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One Guiding Word :: March & April Update


March was a busy little month that passed very quickly, with an earlier than usual Easter long weekend and our baby boy turning 1, I still can’t believe how quickly his first year has passed. Then I found myself in a bit of funk after the school holidays. No motivation, unnecessarily comparing myself to others (and of course not measuring up), overwhelmed, tired and burnt out.

April 24, 2016 digby sand city{Sequence # (1)»}-4

So I took a week with little to no social media, handmade business stuff or unnecessary commitments and just gave my brain a break. Thankfully it was just what I needed and I am now feeling like I’m back on track.

So my word this year is clarity, and although I’ve had some difficult emotions and situations to deal with these last couple months, things concerning some extended family issues have resolved for me and I’m feeling a lot lighter and clearer in that regard. Clarity gained! I’ve come to accept that matters of the heart cannot always be clarified immediately and sometimes things become clearer only with time.

March 08, 2016crochet gumnut hat{Sequence # (1)»}-5

I’ve also been battling with the time factor, I really would like to have 50 hours in a day to achieve everything I want to fit into my life! I’ve been trying really hard to face reality that I can have/do all these things in life, just not at the same time. In this season of life, with little people at home, things like my handmade business can only be on the slow burn for the moment, and I have to maintain it at a level that is comfortable for me without adding stress to my life. My family is most important, and they have to come first. I really had to reflect on my ‘whys’ – why I’m a stay at home mum, why I’ve made certain choices in my life, and it’s made a big difference in my mindset.

I had also been constantly thinking about the concept of making all items to order in my Etsy shop, the pressure of having multiple orders when I’m flying solo for the week or the kids are sick stresses me out! So I’ve made the decision to make a lot of my items ready to ship to take the pressure off and I can put the available time into the shop when I have it. I’ll still be making items to order, just not everything! Once I made that decision,which I procrastinated over for weeks, I felt immediate relief.  Aah, more clarity 🙂

February 09, 2016_white and cream dreamcatcher1

I also had a go at drawing a mandala as part of the guiding word facebook group led by the lovely Deb Dane at Inner Compass Designs. I was going to post a photo of it but I cannot for the life of me locate it! (I’m going to blame a child here for its disappearance ;). It was amazing how I managed to give myself some much needed advice just by drawing without thinking, and it cleared my mind much more effectively than I could have imagined. If you’ve ever thought about drawing mandalas, I highly recommend it.

I also started using this habit tracking app last month after reading about it here, which is helping to keep some accountability for some weekly and daily habits I’m trying to establish. I’m just using the free version at the moment, but so far it’s enough for me. I think the most important thing is to only track one habit at a time until it sticks, otherwise it gets overwhelming and it’s easy to just give up!

Now that we’re a week into May, I’m just going to focus on maintaining my exercise and self care habits so I can hopefully avoid being run down coming into winter and the dreaded flu season! Although I’m looking forward to bonfire nights and knitting by the fire when it does get cold…

Wow, this has become a rather long post! Congratulations and thankyou if you’re still reading 🙂

So how about you? If you have a guiding word for the year, is it helping you stay on track with your goals? Any tips for getting out of a ‘mum funk’? Let me know!

Till next time…




2 thoughts on “One Guiding Word :: March & April Update

  1. Great update. I relate to so much of it. I am in a slow burner season with my business (ramping up now if I can manage it). Fell off the update wagon thanks to time FLYING by. Will do end of May one for sure. Xxx

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