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One Word :: February Update


If you haven’t read my previous posts on my guiding word, I have chosen one word to guide me through 2016, and that is clarity. I’m doing an update at the end of each month about my journey using this one word to help set goals for the year.


I honestly feel as though February swallowed me whole! Although I have gained clarity in some areas, in others I feel swamped.

As I sit here looking at my 2 focus areas for February though, I have to acknowledge that I actually achieved a lot in those areas.

My Focus For February…

My main focus was on the ecourse I enrolled in called Set Up Shop, a course to help you set up an online handmade business. I think the course is the reason I feel overwhelmed. I have taken in a massive amount of information in a relatively shourt amount of time, and my brain is in overdrive! I have so many ideas in my head, and am trying to fight the frustration that comes with the ‘too many ideas and not enough time to implement them’ factor.

February 11, 2016_white and cream dreamcatcher18

I’m really pleased with the course, it was definately worth the effort and even though I have only completed about a third of the steps, the confidence I’ve gained is huge. I feel like I have the tools to get going with my little business and make it a success, the hardest part is trying to pace myself and accept I can’t have it all done yesterday. ( There’s that lesson in patience creeping up on me again!)

My second focus for the month was my diet and exercise routine. Although my diet still has a lot of room for improvement, I have made some progress. I’m no longer eating chocolate each night with my cup of tea, and am gluten free at home most of the time.

I’ve also been doing a yoga session at home at least once a week, and I went to a yoga class this week for the first time in 3 years. One hour of luxury was worth the extra organisation to get out the door at 6pm for the class, and hubby coped very well with the children and house duties while I was gone. So it’s going to be a regular occurrence when the husband is not away for work, I’ve even put it in the calendar!


I didn’t get to the mixed media art activity in our Word Of The Year Facebook Group, maybe this month. The activity for March is drawing mandalas which I’m looking forward to trying out. The facebook group is full of so much inspiration and lovely supportive women, it’s been a great support to me this month even though I haven’t been as active in the group.

Lessons Learnt From My Word…

Patience again! It’s obviously something I lack when it comes to certain things in my life, but  it’s something I can deal with and learn to have more of. Well I hope it is anyway!

I also think that clarity in all areas of my life at the same time is a bit unrealistic, even though I would really love that! While I feel really clear and focused in some areas, in others I am still trying to clarify my feelings and ideas. I do believe it’s a bit like trying to have balance in all areas of life at once, I’ve come to learn that it’s much more achievable and less stressful to just give more attention to the things that need it at the time. Everything in life ebbs and flows. I think it is the same for clarity.

1-1-16_leah's hands holding gumnuts

My Focus For March…

I’m taking a step back with my little business and planning small goals each week that work in with the rest of my schedule. I’d really rather create than clean, but someone’s gotta do it!

My house is really feeling cluttered and I need to spend a bit more time this month working on decluttering. I’m going to adopt a different approach and do a little bit each day rather than trying to find a big block of time once a week.

I’m also going to add another work out session each week, aiming for a couple of yoga sessions and a couple of cardio sessions each week by the end of the year.


So how has February been for you?  If you’ve chosen one word, is it working well for you?

Kelly xx

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5 thoughts on “One Word :: February Update

  1. February went by too fast, glad you are enjoying the course sounds interesting. I need to get back to yoga myself, its the thoughts of heading out into the cold for a class. although its spring here it feels like winter as it was snowing today.


    1. Hi Maura! Yoga is great for me, although I’m whingeing about the heat over here at the moment! It’s been 39-40 degrees every day for almost 2 weeks! Although when winter arrives I’ll be whingeing it’s so cold :b Hope you get out to your class soon xx

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