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Setting Up Shop – The Halfway Mark

February 11, 2016_white and cream dreamcatcher18

Hi there! I thought I’d pop in quickly and say hello this Friday afternoon! It feels like months since I’ve posted here on my little blog, but all with good reason. You see on February 1st I started an online short course called Set Up Shop to learn how to set up an online shop for your handmade wares. It involves a lesson which is sent to your inbox each day with an action step to do to get your shop ready. All I can say is I’m so glad I didn’t attempt this on my own!

So I’ve decided to set up shop on Etsy for now, selling my handmade baby wares, dreamcatchers and teething/nursing necklaces, and possibly crochet patterns in the future. It’s a bit daunting because there are literally hundreds of other similar items for sale on Etsy and I’m a tiny fish in a ridiculously large pond. However I’m determined to give it my best shot and see what happens.

December 01, 2015_crochet necklaces11

So far in the course we’ve sorted out our business names, colour themes, packaging, sales venues, shipping and organising your orders. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s pretty  casual at the same time, which really suits me!22-11-15_crochet boat shoes-4

So I’ve been very busy learning stuff behind the scenes, and there’s only a couple of weeks left to go. I’m excited to see what the rest ot the year brings!

If you’d like to check out my (poorly stocked!) Etsy store you can do that here.

Or my facebook page here.

I’ll be back soon!



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