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One Word :: January Update


Is it really the end of January?! These christmas holidays have absolutely flown! We’ve had a great time these holidays, minimal fights amongst children (until the last couple of days!) and plenty to do. Not all holidays are like that, but this year they’ve been wonderful.

If you didn’t see my post on my One Guiding Word, my word for this year is Clarity. This is the first time I’ve chosen one word over a bunch of random things to achieve in a year, and it’s been interesting so far. It’s playing out in different ways than I expected, and challenging me in ways that I probably need to be challenged!

I wanted to focus my attention  around gaining clarity in my mind, body and home. I’m working on forming habits that support a clean and clear mind and body, and clearing clutter from the house, which in turn will help me to make some big decisions around family and my work over the year.

My January focus was:

Removing gluten from my diet

Decluttering challenge

Joining Etsy Resolution

How I did:

If I’m honest I’ve probably been gluten free 50% of the time. I still feel sluggish and I’m struggling with getting enough sleep because I’m now in a holiday habit of staying up late and not getting up early like I normally would. I’m also in the process of weaning the baby so nights are a bit rough. I find when I’m tired I’m more likely to just eat whatever’s easy (hello bread!). I haven’t been exercising much either and for me diet and exercise go hand in hand, so I really have to find some self discipline next month and get back on track!

I started out following the January guide of the decluttering challaenge from Slow Your Home, but it wasn’t fitting with what really needs to be done in my home at this time of year, so I’m working on a month by month decluttering plan for my house that fits better with my house and the seasons.

I was signing up to do Etsy Resolution, as I’ve decided to give my handmade business a crack this year and see where that takes me (one big decision made!). I then found out about Set Up Shop which is a month long course to guide you through setting up your shop online, run by Jess at Create and Thrive.

I’ve managed a couple of reiki self treatments, and picked up my daily gratitude journalling each night, but mostly I’ve just been consumed with family life and will be until the kids go back to school on the 1st February.

January 17, 2016_vision board1

Vision Boards

I joined a fabulous group of women in a Guiding Word Facebook support group run by the lovely Deb Dane of Inner Compass Designs. Each month there is an exercise to join in with if you feel drawn to, and January was vision boards. I felt a bit stuck at first but ended up creating a vision board that I love and feel connected to. I find myself looking at each day and it helps me to keep my word at the forefront. Next I want to create one for my handmade business goals, I think it will help me to organise the hundreds of ideas floating around in my head!

January 17, 2016_vision board2

Lessons learnt from my word…

Patience, patience, patience! I’m impatient at times, and I have the urge to just want to do everything at once, but I’m learning that some decisions take time to make and I just have to slow down and wait a little bit. On the flip side, clarity can be achieved by actually making decisions that can be made now instead of procrastinating about them.

I’m realising that I am in my head a lot at the moment and I need to ground myself! I also thought that I had become better at making decisions without over thinking them but I’ve certainly taken a step backwards in that department, which shows how important doing yoga and reiki is to my wellbeing because they ground me.

January 17, 2016_vision board4

My Goals for February:

  1. Establish a regular exercise routine (yoga and walking) that will hopefully lead to better food choices. I will still be aiming for a mostly gluten free diet.
  2. Get back into my usual habit of going to bed earlier and getting up before the kids.
  3. Creatively my focus will be on Set Up Shop which starts on February 1st, so I’m trying not to set any deadlines for my personal creative projects this month so I can give the course my full attention. I’m really excited about this one!

So what about you? Do you have a guiding word this year? How is it working out so far? I’d love to hear your experiences!

Kelly xx

Joining in with Deb at Inner Compass Designs





10 thoughts on “One Word :: January Update

  1. I am with you – my jan has been consumed with my littlies and back to school too. Hoping Feb will see me make big progress 🙂 Love clarity – one of my favourite words / feelings! I have chosen surrender for my year. Oh and I am gluten-free – it is so hard at the start but two weeks without gluten was all it took for me to notice a huge change. Hope it works that quickly for you too xx


    1. Thanks Elisa, I’m trying to remind myself how good I’ll feel if I stick with it! Hope February is productive for you! xx


  2. We are so in sync it is crazy. Looking forward to supporting each other with health and wellness and getting back to better routines. I did set up shop as well. It is great for taking it one step at a time. And you know I love your board xx


  3. Hi Kelly, that course sounds interesting , Iove to hear how you get on, it’s something i am thinking about doing maybe down the road ….
    As for getting to bed early I struggle with this all the time!
    Best of luck with weaning baby

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Maura, I’m looking forward to the course, maybe I could blog about my progress?! Thankfully baby could not care less that he has to now drink bottles, I’m the only one who’s struggling with it!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the blog award nomination, Kelly! I’m passing it on tomorrow to some lovely bloggers I met through one of Pip’s courses. Love your word of the year – I can only imagine the impact it will have in all areas of your life. My word is flow – I need to let go a bit, trust the process, stop the striving … Looking forward to following your blog and the photos of your lovely children.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your welcome Karen, I’m enjoying your book reviews! Flow is a great word, I’m sure it will be bring wonderful things to you throughout the year. Thanks so much for reading along xx


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