3-1-15_leah on trampoline

3-1-15_milly on trampoline

3-1-15_emmett_portrait_funny face-2

3-1-15_max holding eggs-2

3-1-15_digby on lounge

The girls ~ mucking around on the trampoline.

Emmett ~ showing me his crazy face.

Max ~ he collected three eggs yesterday. It’s his favourite thing to do outside at the moment.

Digby ~ that smile and those eyes! He’s got me wrapped around that little finger of his.

~ I wasn’t sure how to approach this project this time around, or if I even wanted to. I completed it in 2014, blogging every week, and have since made a photobook with all the images. Last year I took all the photos, but didn’t blog them and I missed not joining in each week, being inspired by other people’s images and of course the accountability. But looking back through the 2014 photobook and all my photos from last year, I couldn’t help but be motivated to do it all again! All the kids are happy for me to take their picture (which I’m sure won’t last much longer as Leah is almost 10!) so I’m going to attempt a photo of each of them each week, instead of just the 2 youngest which I thought about doing. And I’m going for a black and white theme for something different. I know in years to come I’ll be grateful for these memories all preserved for me to remember their childhood and my motherhood.~

Joining in with Jodi at Practising Simplicity


5 thoughts on “1/52

  1. What a great little project! And I love the black and white!
    You know one of my favourite memories of a child was collecting eggs from our pet ducks and chickens. One memory that really stands out was going to get my rain jacket for the first time that winter – only to find an egg in the pocket from the previous year! Of course my dad couldn’t help himself. He had to take it outside and bust it open. And yes. It was rotten. So gross!

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