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My One Word + Goal Setting For 2016

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Happy New Year! Did you party till midnight or flake it at 10pm?

We hosted some friends and their kids at our house this year for our annual New Year catch up bbq, which was all over by 11pm. A little later than last year if I remember correctly, such party animals we are!

Today is the day I like to spend pondering my hopes and dreams for the coming year, and setting a some goals. Usually too many to have a hope in hell of achieving even half. So this year I’ve taken a different approach, and have chosen one word for the first time to guide my decision making for the year.

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And the word is…Clarity.

Finding the word, or letting it find me, was a bit of a process in itself. I heard about Susannah Conway’s Unravelling The Year guidebook through the lovely Deb at Inner Compass Designs, and I downloaded the book and spent the last couple of weeks working my way through the exercises.

I spent a lot of the second half of 2015 very unclear in my mind about different things – some ongoing issues in my extended family, my on-hold massage career and a slight brain fog from eating lots of foods that I know my body cannot handle.(You know who you are Gluten). So I came to the conclusion that this year I need some clarity in my life. I also asked myself some questions like

What areas of my life am I seeking clarity?

How can I bring about more clarity in my mind?

What does clarity even mean and how does it fit with what I want for the year?

I’ve used the answers to the questions to help me decide on some goals for the year, which essentially boils down to creating, and recreating some habits that will help clear my mind and body on a regular basis. So instead of having a long list of random things I want to achieve, I’m going to feel my way towards my one goal of clarity throughout the year, instead of just trying to achieve and cross items off the list. I’ll be working on habits like…

Getting back to a gluten free, wholefoods diet and regular exercise for a clean and clear body.

Regular journalling/reiki/meditation for a clear mind.

Decluttering the house for a clean and clear home environment.

Tweaking old routines and creating new ones so I have time for self care each day, which in turn brings clarity to my week.

With a combination of all these things, I’m also aiming to more easily make decisions throughout the year, and also the decision – the am I finished having babies or not decision, which is apperntly up to me, arrgh! (That is a whole blog post in itself!)

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I have a kikki k Goals Journal which I’ll  use to write down a few goals to work on each month, but they will be things I need to do to create the habits I’m working on. So for January I’m going to concentrate on removing gluten from my diet again, and getting up earlier to get some time to myself before the kids start their day.

I also normally list a gazillion things I want to create each year but I’ve resisted the temptation. I’m going to just make what ever I’m drawn to at the time, rather than making things I don’t feel like making just because they’re on the list. I always end up making different things to what’s on the list and then feel disappointed that I didn’t make and cross off the things on the list!

I’m really loving this way of goal setting, it just feels right and achievable, with just the right amount of direction and room to breathe. All very zen I think.

So what about you? Are you a goal setter or one word chooser?



Ps If you’re looking for some inspiration I think these are a great place to start-

Susannah Conway’s Unravelling The Year Guidebook

Inner Compass Designs

Zen Habits

Joining in with Maxabella Loves for the first time too 🙂


4 thoughts on “My One Word + Goal Setting For 2016

    1. Thanks Jodi. It’s a ‘deep’ word it seems, and I’m already seeing it work for me, in expected and unexpected ways. Thankyou for visiting 🙂


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