Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas For Teachers

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Can you believe it’s November already?! It’s about this time that I start to get serious about my Christmas planning, and as I like to give handmade gifts I try to plan themin advance so I’m not in a mad rush come December 20! (I’m yet to avoid said rush but I’m improving!)

With 3 kids at school, and 1 in daycare, I have  several teachers to give a Christmas gift to, so making our gifts helps to cut down on cost, plus the kids and I love to make them. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for our teacher gifts this year and thought I’d share my favourite finds with you!

So here’s my final list of handmade, diy, budget friendly gifts to make for your children’s teacher,

Crochet shower mitt

  1. One Crafty Mumma’s Crochet Shower Mit –  I haven’t made this one, but I think it’s very cute and would work up nice and quick. Wrapped up with a nice bar of soap, it would make a nice practical gift for any teacher that showers (which is hopefully all of them!) You can find Mel’s tutorial for the shower mit  here.

2. Crochet Mug Cozy – I made these last year for the teachers and they were a big hit. I just bought the coffee mugs for $2 each, crocheted the cosy, then added a teabag, coffee bag and a few chocolates in the mug. We then just wrapped them in cellophane and tied it with ribbon.  Too easy! You can find my Ravelry  notes and a link to the pattern hereteacher mug cosy_home_14-12-14For

3. ‘For Your Mistletoes’ Foot Care Pack  –

I’ve seen a lot of different versions of  these on Pinterest, and I think they’d be great for those who don’t want to get terribly crafty or if you’re running short on time. You could spend as much or as little as you want to, depending on which nail polish you choose, and what else you put in it. You could make some homemade foot fizzies , toe separators, foot cream or a mini foot file. The Body Shop often has some cool little bits and pieces for a couple of dollars each.                                                    You can find a tutorial and free printable for the above here

4. Cookie Mix in a Jar  Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix In A JarI’ve never made these but I think they’re really cool. They look great, are practical and would suit a male or female. I found this recipe using Nestle choc chips here or for a wholefoods alternative recipe I like Quirky Cooking’s recipes.

5. Peg Magnets

3-10-15_peg magnets

The girls and I recently made a heap of these for our stall at our school Spring Fair, and they were really popular. It’s as simple as glueing a button and a magnet on a wooden peg! You could make a matching set of 3 or 4 and package them on a nice Christmas tag, and they’re really cheap to make, less than a dollar each! You can find wooden pegs at your local supermarket, magnets and buttons at a craft store and you’re good to go.

6. Fabric Covered Notebooks

I don’t know any teacher that doesn’t use a notebook at schooI, and fabric covered ones are just too cute! You could personalise it if you wanted to, embellish it with buttons or stitching or just keep it simple. Tutorial here.

7. Appliqued Xmas Teatowels

So simple and not too personal, you can’t go past an appliqued teatowel! I like this cute tutorial and pattern.

8. Tin Can Candle Holder

I found this really cool tutorial for recycled tin can candle holders, where you punch holes to make a picture in the side of the tin, and when lit, the candle shines through the holes and highlights the picture. So cute!  You can find the tutorial here.

So there you have it, I think we’re going with the Mistletoes  foot care pack this year, at least that’s what the kids want to make 😉

Do you make gifts for your kid’s teachers?

Kelly x


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