Spring Fair

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The build up to Saturday was like that of a wedding, a flurry of excitement, last minute to-do list, nerves and hustle bustle. Thankfully the Spring Fair didn’t start till 2pm, so we had until 1pm to get ourselves organised. The girls were super excited, and very helpful up until our arrival at the school, when their enthusiasm for our stall waned and their excitement took over and all they wanted to do was go and explore!

I had been a little worried that maybe we didn’t make enough stock, but when we set up our tables and put everything out we had heaps! We made playdough, fairy wands, paper pinwheels, ribbon wands, craft kits, card making kits, pet rock kits (huge hit), bookmarks, hairclips and fabric button hairbands, felt headbands, rings and earrings and Leah had some loom band jewellery she made herself. Then I had a couple of crocheted baby hats and shoes and some baby headbands as well.

Once we set up, I gave the girls their allowance for the afternoon, and stood and waited for a sale. It was pretty slow for the first and last hour, but the middle was busy in bursts. It was lovely to get out of the house and mingle with the school community and catch up with some other school mum’s that I don’t see very often.

There was a beautiful vintage inspired jewellery stall next to me, and I snapped up some resin earrings, one pair for myself and 2 pairs for christmas gifts. On the other side was a lovely stay at home mum from out of town, who makes jewellery dishes and mini house planters out of polymer clay. They were so cute, I couldn’t resist and bought one of each.

I had seriously underestimated how much time I would have ‘free to wander’, which amounted to about 10 minutes! I was very fortunate to have some willing helpers to take my littlest guy for a walk for me, (I had to take him as I’m still breastfeeding), and I left the girls once to visit the stalls next to ours.

All in all, our little crafty stall was a success, and now the girls are planning for the next market…..maybe the local farmers market in a couple of months when I’ve recovered from this one!

I’m also very excited to have been asked to sew some little pram quilt/ change mats and other bits and pieces for our local children’s clothing and gift shop. I used to make bags, pram blankets, hair accessories and kid’s wall art about 6 years ago for the same shop (and the same gorgeous owner, she’s a sweetheart) but stopped when I began studying massage. It’s funny how life’s adventures can go full circle and land you right back where you started.

I’m also going to be making crochet baby shoes and hats and maybe some other bits and pieces for sale, so stay tuned, the door has only just opened and my next venture has just begun!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own market stall, you could check out these places for some cute ideas…

One Crafty Mumma’s school fair ideas

Retromummy’s school fete ideas

or my Spring Fair Ideas board on Pinterest

Have you been to any fairs or handmade markets lately? Do tell!

Kelly x


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