Taking Stock

Hi! So you might have read that I’m doing a little blogging course with the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mikes, and one of our assignments was to write a ‘taking stock’ post. I love writing a list, so this was right up my alley. Here goes…

knitting_puerperium for baby_close up_ipad chair_9-1-15

Making :lots of goodies for our Spring Fair Stall.
Cooking :choc chip muffins for lunchboxes
Drinking :lots of tea
Reading:Sleeping Like A Baby by Pinky McKay, it always makes me feel better when the baby’s not sleeping well.
Wanting:to go and get a massage
Looking:through photos
Playing:with the kids
Deciding:what I want to knit next, it’s been too long between projects!
Wishing:I only needed to sleep for a couple of hours a day so I could fit more in!
Enjoying:my baby boy as a 6 month old
Waiting:for my parcel to arrive
Liking:the spring sunshine
Wondering:when I might finish my littlest man’s ripple blanket
Loving:Blogging with Pip!
Pondering:the size of my family – is there room for one more?!
Considering:cutting my hair shorter
Watching:House Husbands
Hoping:Offspring will come back on soon
Marvelling:at how children learn so quickly in kindergarten
Needing:more sleep
Smelling:very little with now it’s hayfever season
Wearing:thongs again
Following:new people on Instagram
Noticing:the tiniest green leaves appearing on our potato vine (at least that’s what I think it is!)
Knowing:that my baby is halfway to being one year old already
Thinking:about this bloggy thing
Feeling:excited for Christmas, sad but true
Admiring:other people’s beautiful crochet and knitting at our local yarn shop
Sorting:through everyone’s summer clothes
Buying:more summer clothes in bigger sizes
Getting:ready for the Spring Fair next weekend
Bookmarking:new recipes to try, I’m bored in the kitchen
Disliking:swooping magpies
Opening:my parcel soon, a couple of summer tops to see me through the hot weather
Giggling:at Max singing Bottletop Bill
Feeling: like this is where I’m meant to be at right now
Snacking:on chocolate.must.stop.
Coveting:more yarn!
Wishing:I could sit and knit all day today, but alas I will have to grocery shop at some stage
Helping:my daughter learn to keep her room tidy. Uphill battle right there.
Hearing:white cockatoos screeching very loudly

So that’s where I’m at right now, what an awesome little exercise! So tell me, have you ‘taken stock’ lately?

Kelly x


6 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. I’m just in the middle of putting together my ‘Taking Stock’ post. It’s good to just sit back and really take note of everything isn’t it!
    I totally hear you with the keeping the daughters room tidy! That is definitely a battle!


    1. It was suprisingly a very grounding exercise! I’ll have to make it a regular thing I think. Yes the bedroom battle is so fun isn’t it?! Looking forward to reading your list x

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