Spring Fair Crafting

Each year in Term 4 my children’s school has an annual Spring Fair. It’s the school’s major fundraiser for the year and all the kids get involved in different activities within their classes. Back when my eldest  was in Kindergarten, (5 years ago!) I ran a little handmade craft stall with a friend of mine. We had such a ball, but since then we had both been too busy to get our craft on and we helped out on other stalls instead.

The last 2 years at the Spring Fair I’ve been painting fingernails, which is really not my forte, although when you’re painting the nails of 4 year olds it’s probably not an issue.

Anyway, since I’m not working outside the home, I decided to get back into it and have another stall this year. My girls were really keen to make some things and run the stall with me, so we hatched a plan, and the Cool Kids Craft Stall was booked in. We’ve been busily making and crafting all school holidays (this is all with dollar signs flashing in their eyes, they think they’re going to make lots of money!).

So far we’ve made…3-10-15_paper pinwheels

15 paper pinwheels,

3-10-15_button hairbands

fabric button hairbands,

3-10-15_peg magnets

peg magnets, decorated  with cute little buttons ,

3-10-15_craft kits

craft kits in a bag, my biggest girl designed the labels for them in picmonkey,

3-10-15-pink crochet baby shoes

and I’ve been trying to crochet some baby things as well, I’m planning to take custom orders and see where it takes me.

We’ve also been making fairy wands, bookmarks, hairclips, earrings, and headbands. It’s 2 weeks from today until Spring Fair day, and still so much to do! I’ll be sure to share some pictures as we finish some more goodies this long weekend.

How’s your weekend shaping up? Does your kid’s school have a fair? Feel free to share any tips or ideas, I’m a little bit out of practice!

Kelly x


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