Hi and Welcome To Fred & Pepper!

I’m a stay at home mum to 6 crazy kids,  aged between 12 and 8 months, and wife to one patient and laid back husband.

I also run a handmade business, Fred and Pepper, selling handmade accessories and homewares for Mum’s and little ones.

We live on 5 acres on the edge of a little country town in regional NSW Australia, which is also home to 2 dogs, 4 chooks, various horses who visit from the farm, and lots of ducks. Hubby is a wanna be duck farmer on the side, I’m still undecided on whether I like the ducks or not! We also help run hubby’s family farm out of town.

I’m always making things, but my main love is crochet. I also love to knit, sew, patchwork, bake, make photobooks and anything else that grabs my attention. I take photos too, lots of photos! I am also an organising freak, nothing makes me happier than to solve a household organising dilemma or plan out a schedule. I also drink too much coffee and eat far too much chocolate.  I’m still working on it…

This blog is a is dedicated to simple living through being creative. I believe that making things for ourselves gives the power to live a free life, without having to depend on the big corporations to fulfill our every need. It can save you money, build family relationships and bring you great joy and satisfaction. I think there is no simpler way to help us live in the moment than creating something with our hands.

I do hope you find something here to enjoy and inspire you, thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a question or something you’d like me to write about? Shoot me an email at kellylmem@gmail.com